Rocky Massery is a true testimony to the adage “follow your dreams!”

He enjoyed life as a successful business executive for a prestigious home developer. Highly respected within this industry, he also became Chair of membership for the BIA (Building Industry Assoc.) where he is still a “legend” for bringing in the most memberships in BIA’s history, and still serves on the judging board which annually selects the “best of the best awards” for builders/contractors/architects/designers in the building industry. 

WHOMP! 2007, before most Americans felt the oncoming recession, the U.S. economy turned upside down in the home building industry, with a hard hit.  San Diego offices closed. No other prospects possible in the ensuing U.S. slump. Rocky is 60 years old, faced with an unexpected retirement.

Economic recession? Nooo Biggie!!! …here’s a guy who followed his dreams by “MAKING LIFE A SONG”!  With his ever-present optimism, tenacity, and faith he fearlessly followed his life-long dream.  You see, Rocky was blessed with a very beautiful singing voice.

As a boy, Rocky fell in love with music & singing.  His gift was inherited from his Mom who always sang to Rocky and his 3 siblings.  He recalls listening for hours upon hours to his Dad’s 45’s and 78’s.  He still has his Dad’s entire collection of Bing Crosby 45’s. He vividly recalls walking to school as a boy singing aloud “BLUE SKIES” (Irving Berlin).

Then, decades passed by, building a family & career, during which he rarely used his singing voice.  In ’95 he went out with some friends to see what karaoke was, and a hobby was born.  As more & more people heard his magnificent voice, he was asked, from the mid-90’s on, to perform at civic events & parties.

Financially, he had always been a “systems kinda guy” and by his fifties had achieved what most people only dream of: he had methodically applied a mathematical formula (for real!) to pay off his home, become debt-free, and stash away a decent nest-egg for the future. 

So, when faced with this unexpected retirement did Rocky sit around and mope?  Nope!  Rocky began his own business “CROONS YOUR TUNES” with his slogan “MAKING LIFE A SONG”.  WOW!…a way to enjoy his retirement along with his hobby! At a recording studio he cut a demo CD aptly titled “BEGINNER’S LUCK”.  He started performing with what his wife Maggie calls “his gift from God voice”.  He describes himself as a “crooner”.  His baritone voice mingles the dulcet tone of Dean Martin with the gentle sweetness of Nat King Cole.

He now carefully selects venues at which he can bring the greatest joy through song. His favorite gigs are the sing-alongs he hosts at healthcare facilities. His most satisfying reward is witnessing the transformative magic of music: like seeing health-challenged people, some who seem to be comatose, suddenly liven up with singing, smiles, laughter, chair-dancing!  This is the trophy for Rocky.

Rocky also sings at local retirement residences, Rotary, Lions, many private & corporate events, as well as hosting karaoke parties for all kinds of private and business gatherings.  He frequently volunteers his talent by serving his community, Veterans, VFW’s, homeless shelters, churches, and fundraisers.

He is the proverbial “great guy”.  A Veteran U.S. Marine, he incredibly survived frontline combat in Vietnam. A man who spent 2 years in a Franciscan seminary until he realized women trumped priesthood for him.  A man devoted to his family, friends, community, country, and God.  Always a gentleman.  Always a positive word.  His vast & loyal following of personal, business, and community friends turn out to support him at his singing events.  Often, many happy dancers & singers join in. Rocky tells people for Karaoke: “it’s not about your singing, it’s about your fun”!

Rocky’s wife says she knows one thing for sure, because people tell her this: …that Rocky is an inspiration. He gives hope to people who hear his story. A person CAN follow their dreams & rebuild a new direction in life to find glorious happiness & fulfillment – and you don’t have to be young to do it!

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